A Day of Thanks

So, our national day of Thanksgiving is upon us again, the day to officially be grateful/thankful for all our blessings. I work as a sales professional part time in a pottery gallery and today everyone was in such a good mood. We were all smiling and saying Happy Thanksgiving and meaning it. I live in a mountain resort area and our town is known for its eclectic blend of artisan shops on Main Street so the clientele is fairly well off, we really do have a lot to be grateful for and most voice this sentiment. It’s easy to feel grateful when life is good. What about when things don’t go as planned?

My sister just went through foreclosure and lost all the savings she had but she is grateful her husband and two small children are healthy and that they found a place to rent they could afford and that her husband found a job and she is hopeful she’ll find a part-time position that allows her to care for her children. They really lost a lot of money losing that house. She could be bitter and angry but is not. She’s happy and optimistic that they’ll be able to save money again and buy another home in the future. It was very hard of course, but she chooses to be thankful for what she has instead of being angry about how much she has lost. She’s remarkable.

Several of my sisters have been through bankruptcy and foreclosure. We blame the corrupt banking system and the government for acting on behalf of the 1% and ignoring the 99% but see some hope for change with the Occupy Movement. I don’t want this to be political, it’s a testimony to Gratitude and how it can change lives. I am grateful for the movement that is waking up America to new possibilities. The 99% is a very grateful group because we know what is important. We Know that Love is the Answer, that greed, hatred and ignorance drive all of our man-made problems.

Wait, maybe there is another 1%, the ones who know about LOVE – I trust there is more, and the movement is rebuilding. The Spiritual Movement, the path of Compassion, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Peace, Hope, LOVE! This is sounding so idealistic; the real world is rife with problems. I am grateful that new energy is surfacing for a more balanced planet, one where every living being is honored and cherished. Could there really be harmony in the world? We have to start with ourselves. An attitude of gratitude changes our energy field to one of openness and acceptance while allowing for more abundance and wholeness in our lives.

I wake up each morning with an awareness of my gratitude. I feel grateful all day as I perform my ordinary tasks and drive without mishap to and from destinations. I bless the food we eat and thank the “Force” for all that we have, and all that is to come. I bless others less fortunate as there are way too many. I bless all my friends and family. Bless is such a lovely word to say, it makes one smile. It’s soft and satiny. May we all be grateful for our many blessings on Thanksgiving Day and every moment we are blessed to live on our amazing planet.

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It is a beautiful sunny day on our mountain-top home. This grateful author has returned recently from a trip back “home” to visit with sisters, nieces, nephews and friends. We all had a good time and realized how much time had passed since we last met. I hear from all my friends and family just how fast time appears to pass – is it an illusion? A trick of our minds? I’m sure we all feel a little disoriented by the quickening days of our lives. It is ever so important to take a few moments each day and express gratitude for our many blessings. I can always count on some no matter how low I may feel. Just for fun I’m including a little video of my kitty, Stella, who always makes me smile.

Carpe Diem!

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More Abundance and Gratitude

Gratitude & Abundance!
By Aine Belton

Certain states of consciousness hold a resonance field that accelerates
the manifestation of your desires.

Gratitude is certainly one of them!
Gratitude is a generating energy that will serve to attract more of
anything you feel grateful for into your life.

In that sense it is a powerful abundance ally!

Gratitude aligns you to, and subsequently attracts, that which is for
your highest good, and opens you to more of the love, joy, gifts and
blessings the universe wishes to bestow.

Along with appreciation, gratitude opens your heart, raises your
energy, and elevates you from even the darkest of states.

In feeling grateful for something or someone, you essentially
‘receive’ it, as well as give to it from your heart, which effectively
aligns your vibration to it, and directs your focus, attention and
energy towards it, attuning your heart and mind to that which is

Whatever you focus on grows, so when you appreciate someone, see their
value and beauty and feel grateful for it, those qualities will expand
and grow in your life.

When you focus on everything in your life you have to feel grateful
for, and all the wonderful things, experiences and people you
appreciate, the universe hands you more of the same!

It’s a wonderful abundance expanding experience!

Gratitude is the sweet song of appreciation. It turns an experience,
person or event into a gift that is received, for when you appreciate
and feel grateful, you literally let the experience/quality in, and
you also give to it. It is a wonderful exchange of positive energies.

When you feel grateful you experience more of your love, which enhances
your state in a beautiful magical way.

You also get to experience all the beautiful qualities of that which
you feel grateful for all over again!

“Gratitude is a powerful tool. If you will allow yourself to feel
grateful, your processing and programming can work immeasurably
better… As you feel grateful for what you have, you start having
more things about which to feel that gratitude.”
– Lazaris

Keep a gratitude journal and write down at the end of each day
10 things you feel grateful for over the last 24 hours to assist you in
experiencing more of this wondrous, generative, heart-opening energy.

When you do so, be sure to connect to the heart-felt feelings of
gratitude, i.e. don’t just make it a mental box-ticking process – really engage your emotions.

Add to that list a few things you are grateful to YOURSELF for,
positive qualities, actions, traits and demeanours, how you’ve
handled your day or any situations, how you’ve taken care of yourself
or been kind to others, etc.

And lastly, be grateful to the FUTURE you’re creating. You are a
powerful manifesting being and when you begin to feel grateful for
the dreams you are creating and person you are becoming, you begin
to attract them more powerfully into your life, for you give the
message to your subconscious mind they have already manifested.

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Thankful Thoughts from Neale Donald Walsh

On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know…
…that gratitude in advance is the most powerful creative
force in the universe.

Most people do not know this, yet it is true. Expressing
thankfulness in advance is the way of all Masters. So
do not wait for a thing to happen and then give thanks.
Give thanks before it happens, and watch energies swirl!

To thank God before something occurs is an act of
extraordinary faith. And that, of course, is where the
power comes from. It’s Thanksgiving Day in the U.S.
Why not make it Thanksgiving Day in the hearts of
people everywhere, all the time?

Love, Your Friend….Neale

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Daily Gratitude Moment by Moment

Is it possible to express too much gratitude? Oh if only that were our problem. With over half of the world in dire poverty and more than that experiencing tremendous hardships through environmental upheaval, my gratitude is ever amplified and sincere. My little problems don’t amount to much in light of what it could be. Have you seen Eat, Pray Love yet with Julia Roberts? I haven’t, but I’ve read the book by Elizabeth Gilber, and it is a glowing example of a woman in transition realizing her saving grace is through gratitude, forgiveness and sheer letting go. We are mostly creatures of habit, so allowing new vibrations and patterns into our lives is a real accomplishment. That is what I am doing now. Allowing, allowing life to unfold with all its hardships, challenges, joy and surprises. I’m trusting that all will be just as it should, as it is, as it shall be, and all for the best. Sound philosophical? Yes, I’m right there living between the veils. It’s quite fascinating. With each day there is discovery, disappointment, achievement, awakening. May each of your days provide exactly what you need to further your soul along in this ever-changing world.

Peace, Namasté, Om Ha Hum

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